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Together for complete lines - cold End Alliance

For many years, Heye and IRIS have together been supplying inspection lines for glass container factories worldwide. We are both specialists in our field : IRIS in camera inspection machines, Heye in check inspection machines. This complementary partnership has today become a cold end commercial alliance with added value where intelligent software is combined with a robust mechanics. We bring a collective expertise to your cold end.

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  • Cold End Alliance powered by IRIS and HEYE
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  • Heye SmartLine 2
  • WENSPECT project in Turkey
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  • Cold End Alliance

We co-operate, we innovate, wenspect

As leaders in camera and check inspection solutions,  we have joined our forces in a unique synergy. The best of each company has been combined : customer focus, know-how, and leading-edge technologies, to redefine glass inspection and offer you a complete and intelligent inspection line.



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