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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance by Heye:
Boosting your efficiency

Highly skilled employees are expensive and are becoming more and more difficult to find. In the day-to-day workings of a glass plant, special expertise is often necessary, not only when production is interrupted. Especially when new technologies are being implemented or plant performance is being pushed to the next level, a bespoke technical assistance service from Heye International, where supplier and customer become true partners, is the answer.

The history of Heye International dates back to 1799. In more then 200 years we have built a unique expertise in container glass production. The Heye TAA-Team are employees of Heye International, which are educated in the Heye glass production. Each of them with more than 20 years of practical experience. They know exactly that an efficient production is not the result of a single person; it is always the result of a production team.

Aims of the Technical Assistance Agreement (TAA)

The focus of Heye International is on a long term base. Heye International is looking for a sustainable partnership for the improvement of productivity and quality of the customer's production. The success is proven by our customers and the results are Technical Assistance Agreements which are existing since 40 years.

Heye: Inventor of the NNPB-Process

A successful production with the NNPB-Process is not only the result of placing the equipment, a wide field of technology is necessary for the whole container glass production.

Heye International accompanies their customers for this wide range of areas and activities with long term assistance agreements to achieve their targets.

Range of Competences

The wide ranging scope of our expertise covers areas such as:

Heye prepares always a tailor made concept for the TAA-Activities based on the plant audit.

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