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Excellence in forming - for your smart plant

HiPERFORM is synonymous with excellent equipment and support in container forming. Every stage of the glass forming process demands meticulous attention to detail.  Rely on our experts as even minor variations in manufacturing techniques and their application have a huge impact on production performance.

HiPERFORM by Heye:

  • Heye Status Lighting for IS Machines
  • Heye SpeedLine
  • Advantages of NNPB
  • Heye Process Control with Press Duration Control
  • High Speed at high quality
  • Multi Weight
  • High speed wide mouth production in Dongen
  • Heye Process Control
  • Press Duration Control
  • Dual Motor Shears TG
  • Dual Motor Shears Tg
  • Heye Safety Snap
  • Heye Pusher
  • Ware Transfer

HiPERFORM Portfolio

  • Smart Plant solution portfolio (smart data - smart machine control - smart process control)
  • Feeder & gob forming, IS-Machines, ware handling, variables and parts
  • NNPB-lightweight standard set by Heye
  • Retrofits & upgrades
  • Heye Remote Support Services


  • SpeedLine IS-Machines: High speed at high quality, combining clean design, high safety and flexiblity
  • Multi-weight production for samples or smaller jobs (also in NNPB)
  • Cost efficient retrofit with Heye Simotion Smart Servo technology
  • Closed-loop process control solutions - recommended by world's biggest brewers

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