Cold End

HiSHIELD Solutions

Production Quality - Product Safety

The quality and consistency of the product that you sell to your customer is what makes or breaks your reputation as a reliable supplier. For this reason, we have invested a huge amount of time in perfecting our solutions:

  • Heye provides latest HE and CE technology and equipment for Ardagh's NextGen project
  • Heye SmartLine 2 -  Launch at Glasstec
  • Heye SmartLine 2 - next level inspection
  • Ranger 2: High Scalibility in Check Detection
  • WENSPECT - Iris Inspection and Heye form partnership
  • SmartLine - with latest non-contact inspection solutions
  • Wall Thickness Measurement - MTS10/05
  • Check Detection
  • Star Wheel

HiSHIELD Portfolio

  • High performance inspection machines
  • WENSPECT - Cold End alliance 
  • Retrofit of CO and M1
  • Line audits and consulting
  • Heye Remote Support Services


  • SmartLine 2 Starwheel Machine with superior control for highest reliability
  • Cost-efficient retrofit solutions for many existing inspection machines
  • Industry experts find the best solution for your line