Since 200 Years

Passion and Performance - in Glass

Glass is the most healthy and environmentally friendly packaging solution in the world for foodstuffs and beverages. It is our mission to make it the most successful.

By converting many years of knowledge and experience as a market leader, our vision is to be the leading supplier of expert services, solutions and high performance equipment to the global container glass industry.

Although proud of our past, our focus is your future.

Your necessity is the mother of our invention. For over 200 years, we have embraced a philosophy of change and evolution, while being careful never to lose sight of the traditional values that form the foundation of any successful business.

From concept to completion, our passion to provide complete customer satisfaction is equalled only by the superlative performance of our people and technology, and above all is our profound understanding of glass.

Heye International - in a Nutshell

Based in Obernkirchen, Germany, Heye International GmbH is one of the foremost suppliers of glass technology, high performance solutions and know-how to the container glass industry worldwide and, since 2003, has been part of the multi-national Ardagh Group.

Over the years, our team of expert engineers and technicians has built an enviable reputation for quality and innovation and we pride ourselves on an extensive knowledge of the day-to-day issues of glass manufacturing. We are always involved in a variety of projects concerning both new and existing glass factories and have honed our skills with the successful completion of numerous projects throughout five continents.

One of our particular specialities is the design, engineering and construction of complete greenfield container glass manufacturing plants. Our expertise and experience in the field of technology transfer is recognised globally.

We fulfil the needs of the modern glass industry by continually developing new processes and their associated technologies, equipment and production systems – such as the NNPB process invented by Heye in the late 1960s and a full range of equipment for the automation of Cold End quality control. We are leaders in the provision of solutions and equipment for the conventional manufacture of container glass and our bespoke Technical Assistance Agreements provide our customers with access to the full range of our knowledge and experience.

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