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Project Management in Container Glass Production

Heye International has experience of many and varied projects of every type all over the world. This knowledge is gathered together in HiTRUST, a complete solution for the container glass industry managing every aspect of your turnkey or semi-turnkey project.

Heye Project Management: Process Chain

Your Project

There are almost unlimited possibilities for the scope and definition of your project. We recognise that the demands and needs of every customer are different and individual. With  HiTRUST, Heye International can be your partner for any kind of successful project.

Our resources for your success

Heye International is synonymous with global in-house competence and long-standing know-how covering all project stages and possesses a large pool of experts in each field of knowledge. This is brought together in the  HiTRUST process chain. The basis of every action is the customer’s specific requirements. The different project stages are backed up by the individual competencies of our experts, resulting in successful attainment of our customers’ goals.

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