Industry 4.0

Smart Plant

Roadmap to the future

A Smart Plant combines the best Industry 4.0 concepts in order to produce glass containers in an energy-efficient and profitable way. The Smart Plant is highly automated, able to keep a top quality level at low unit costs. Heye International is your partner to select the right technology out of Industry 4.0. 

Heye's Smart Plant solution framework consists of three parts:

  • Smart Data (integrated production and quality data)
  • Smart Machine Controls (User interfaces, E-Timing and servo systems)
  • Smart Process Intelligence (Closed-Loop systems for the forming process)
  • Heye provides technology and equipment for Ardagh's NextGen project
  • Heye Smart Plant Concept: Full data integration
  • Heye BlankMaster
  • Heye high speed ware handling control
  • Multi weight / assortment production - also in NNPB
  • Heye Process Control with Press Duration Control

Smart Book - Heye's Industry 4.0 Concepts


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