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Wall thickness measuring for every need

Quality issues should be avoided by all means. For this reason, the wall thickness of every bottle should be carefully checked during the glassmaking process.

Heye offers a flexible package for every need. The new MTE electronic module can handle the standard single-point as well as the new MTS multi-point sensor with 5 measuring points in a length of 10 mm. A flexible combination of the sensors is possible. In total, 12 measuring points can be processed. The solution is available for the SmartLine but also as stand-alone version. A major advantage: Heye is using the superior chromatic-confocal method, much more precise than other solutions!

  • Multipoint Thickness Sensor MTS10/05
  • Single-Point Measurement
  • Wall Thickness Measuring
  • MTE 12 electronic module
  • Heye Wall Thickness Measurement
  • Full flexibility and scalability in one system
  • Equal wall thickness

Heye MTE 12 Electronic Module

Save time and money: One device to inspect all critical container areas simultaneously.

The MTE 12 supports the new multi-point sensor MTS 10/05 as well as the well proven single-point sensors.


Heye Multi-Point Thickness Sensor (MTS10/05)

The new MULTI-POINT THICKNESS SENSOR MTS10/05 (stand-alone/internal) is a breakthrough in wall thickness measurement on container glass. Together with the MTE 12 electronic module, which can manage 12 signals, it offers you the flexibility to cover all critical areas of a container.

Function Principle


Heye Single-Point Thickness Sensors

The well proven single-point wall thickness sensors are available in different versions.

You can choose between sensors with long or short working distance and normal or very compact sizes, depending on the dimensions and shape of your containers and the free space in your inspection machine.


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