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13.07.2021 10:04 Age: 3 yrs
Category: Company News, Press Review, Cold End

Heye and Iris cooperate at Carib Glassworks

Container glass manufacturer Carib Glassworks in Trinidad benefited from Iris and Heye's cooperation.

Camera and check inspection solutions specialists, Iris Inspection machines and Heye International have gathered in a synergy.

The cold end alliance, named WENSPECT, has proved working together as one, its ability to overcome challenges at Carib Glassworks, the only glass container plant in the Caribbean. The factory produces standard and custom-made containers in flint, green and amber for customers in the soft drinks, beer, food, alcohol and juice sectors. In 2016, the glassworks doubled production capacity to 70,000 tons/year via the commissioning of a second melting furnace and three production lines.

Carib Glassworks started working with Heye International almost 50 years ago equipping one furnace with Heye IS machines and Heye carousel machines for the cold end.

In 2015, as they were facing new quality challenges, Iris Inspection machines delivered non-contact inspection solutions for five production lines. Sharing the same passion for collaboration, Iris and Heye, now joined in WENSPECT alliance, have supported the glassmaker's business expansion initiatives, in a close working relationship.

"This is the kind of cooperative dynamic that we establish with our customer. So we have been delighted to find this level of support and service with IRIS and Heye." says Ms Tahira Khan, Project Manager at Carib Glassworks.

Having encountered wire edge and overpress defects last year, the glassmaker relied on IRIS solution, with the installation of the Wire Edge module on two production lines. Carib Glassworks has been impressed with the results achieved, so much so that at the beginning of 2020, all the impacted lines were equipped with the dedicated wire edge module.

Located in Port of Spain, Trinidad, Carib Glassworks has a history dating back to 1948. The glassworks is a member of the ANSA McAL Group of Companies, its founding fathers having laid the platform for a highly automated manufacturing facility, employing some of the best regional technical professionals.