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06.09.2019 11:42 Age: 5 yrs
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Glass Worldwide July / August 2019 issue, click here for the entire article

The latest generation of IS machines can be equipped with sophisticated status lighting to provide enhanced safety, while also increasing mould life expectancy. The status lighting is a coloured RGBW-section lighting that colour changes depending on the current status of a section. In addition to providing pure white light illumination for the blank side, Heye International offers this colour status lighting for its latest generation of SpeedLine IS machines. This colour status lighting has been supplemented by a further function that, in addition to its security benefits, also significantly increases the usefulness of this option. This enhancement relates to the equipment’s lubrication (swabbing) cycle.

Effectively, the lighting is mounted in the blank side control panel and in its simplest form (white light only) illuminates the section for work that needs to be undertaken there. Initially, the coloured RGBW status lighting with an option for white lighting took into account the opportunity to increase operator safety. With the coloured lighting, the operator can visually identify the different operating states of the machine / section.
Without illumination, the section is in normal production mode.

By a further defined assignment of different colours, the operator is shown further possible operating states.

This includes:

  • Section stop activated
  • Start phase (reset actuated)
  • Start up and operation without gobs
  • Special ‘cold blank mould’ programme
  • No communication between status lighting and control (failure)
  • Special ‘lubrication cycle’ programme.

The ‘lubrication cycle’ function gives the operator additional support when carrying out daily work routines. By blinking in an assigned colour, the function makes it visible that the lubrication of the blank and/or the neckring is necessary after a defined time interval (after certain minutes or after a certain number of processed gobs).