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Spray System

The spray system is integrated in the SpeedLine IS-Machine. By the use of dosing pumps it sprays finest spray mist on the shear blades and scoops. This ensures a reproducible gob loading, strong cooling effects and wear reduction.

Process Visualisation
  • Process Visualisation
  • Spray system in operation
  • Alarm history
  • Dosing System
  • Mixing Unit


The shear blades and the gob distributor funnel are continuously sprayed via appropriate spraying bars with a mixture consisting of treated water, compressed air and additives. The mixing unit which is arranged on the scoop beam allows to inject the additive either in compressed air or water. Via pressure regulators the amount can be set without leaving the correct mixing ratio. For the shear blade spraying this is ensured by digitally measuring the volume flow. The dosing amount is controlled and set via the HMI touchscreen which is located in the machine upright of the SpeedLine.


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