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30.01.2015 09:19 Age: 9 yrs
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Modernisation for IS-Machines


Section Box

Section Box

 <link file:6344 download>Glass International - 01/2015 Modernisation portfolio for IS-Machines

When making investment decisions, often it comes to the point where the question “new machine or overhaul of an existing one?” has to be answered. On the one hand, new sensors and state-of-the-art safety or servo equipment can only be installed in new machines to its full extent. But on the other hand, an overhaul can still be a good solution when the overall machine quality is still good. Heye has responded to this trend with two solution packages.

Less critical defects through Ecomotion self-optimizing cushioning

Critical defects can always occur, especially when machines or pneumatic mechanisms become older. One solution is a self-optimizing cushioning, especially for the pneumatic inverts but also for other mechanisms like blow-head or take-out. The new <link internal-link>Heye Ecomotion provides the glassmaker with highly reliable, self regulating end-position cushioning. Ecomotion is designed to upgrade many existing IS-machines, replacing their safety-critical oil-cushioning. The installation or refitting is easy and does not require excessive costs. Key advantages in short:

  • Easy retrofit at a reasonable budget
  • Self regulating control logic (able to respond on container weight or compressed air pressure changes)
  • High quality sealing system for low consumption of compressed air
  • Decreasing fire risk due to replacement of hydraulic CC-cushioning infrastructure.
An optional visualization tool shows the cushioning performance with the help of a speed and time graph. By setting the ideal graph as standard, deviations can be detected and a smooth and reliable performance of the control system is ensured. Higher speed through exchange of section boxes

A high output is the core requirement for the plant manager. Not always, however, all IS-machines can be replaced during a furnace overhaul. For many IS-Machines Heye offers new section-boxes with clear interfaces, as well as high-quality mechanisms. In addition, the Heye production experts can check the status of your feeder and the ware handling equipment. Often it is possible to increase the production speed, to reduce job change times and to improve the product quality.

Advantages of a section box exchange in short:
  • Reduction of project costs through clearly defined interfaces
  • Increasing of production speed and quality
  • Re-use of most of the variables
  • Reduction of downtimes
The modernization of an IS-machine is handled as a project. Basic procedures are
  • Drawing-up a budget range
  • Assessment of the actual machine condition by Heye experts
  • Scope recommendation 
  • Drawing-up a quotation incl. definition of interfaces 
  • Setting-up a project plan  
  • Manufacturing of section boxes in the Heye workshops 
  • Supply of the equipment 
  • Dismantling the existing boxes and mechanisms under the supervision of Heye experts 
  • Installation of new equipment 
  • Commissioning
A high output is the core requirement for the plant manager. Now there are two options: Investing in new machines or modernization of existing ones.