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13.04.2022 12:02 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Company News, Press Review

Heye bids farewell to long-standing works council

For 38 years, Bernd Warnecke has dedicated his working life to Heye International, 16 of which as Chairman of the Works Council. He retired at the end of March.

Occasions like this are usually celebrated at Heye International; employees from all areas of the company come together. But due to the pandemic situation many things are not yet going normal, and so a small farewell party was organized for Bernd Warnecke. Management and close companions were able to say goodbye personally during the small ceremony, of course in a Corona-compliant manner.

In 1983, Bernd Warnecke began his career at Heye in the sorting machine construction department. In 1996 he became a foreman in the electrical engineering department and in 2001 he switched to the electronic engineering department. “Ultimately we are all in one team, so it might not be so bad that you are not always in the same part of the team,” managing director Hans-Peter Müller jokingly alluded to the passion for handball and FC Sankt Pauli. Working for a company for 38 years means growing close to it and its customers. Nowadays it has become rare to stay with the same company for so long and finally retire there.

Management and employees at Heye International wish Mr. Warnecke all the best and, above all, good health for the coming phase of his life!