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18.03.2022 13:03 Age: 2 yrs
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Digitalisation drives innovations in glass inspection

Heye’s development of new inspection equipment responds to market demands, which are currently dominated by two trends: premiumisation and the journey to net zero.

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Premiumisation and customisation – as brand owners seek further differentiation through packaging design – make inspection more challenging. Glass manufacturers have to meet demand for more non-round, complex shapes and more mini-ware (as sampling and tasting become ever more important ways to launch new ranges in the drinks industry). Special operations like mini-ware and non-round containers are standard with Heye’s SmartLine 2.

Simultaneously, the packaging industry must also meet the need to restrict emissions throughout the supply chain. Heye constantly updates its inspection technology to deal with these challenges because increasing inspection efficiency reduces false positive ejection and energy consumption and keep costs down for customers. Digitalisation and AI contribute strongly to the development.

Automated production driven by smart technology makes machine-powered processes more efficient, ultimately reducing raw material use, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Heye uses AI extensively in the new software to train machines to read and react to different faults but also to understand when what may previously have been thought a fault is actually a design feature of the new container. This is explicitly demonstrated by the new AI-enabled Mould Number Reader KSL3.