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14.01.2021 10:52 Age: 4 yrs
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Inspection takes a starring role

The graphic user interface of SmartLine 2 was designed for practicality and ease of operation.

Heye’s Smartline 2 inspection and sorting machine for the hollow glass production industry

Where special becomes normal - the SmartLine 2nd generation starwheel inspection successfully combines speed, reliability and flexibility to deliver accurate results. Special operations like mini-ware and non-round containers are now standard with SmartLine 2. Customers award top marks for Heye’s SmartLine 2 with the camera based check inspection system Ranger 2.

Glass Worldwide Jan/Feb 2021 => click here for the entire article

SmartLine 2 is the latest generation of Heye’s starwheel inspection machine series. Developed and manufactured at Heye International’s dedicated Cold End Centre in Nienburg, Germany, SmartLine 2 glass container inspection equipment can be configured in several different ways, with up to six inspection stations available.

The Nienburg facility employs a team of experts and features a modern production layout. Importantly, the Centre is close to the Ardagh Group’s Nienburg glassworks to undertake essential testing work.


Equipped with the best in market camera based check inspection system Ranger 2, customers all over the world have confirmed the SmartLine 2 robustness and reliability.

Proved in multiple cases, Heye’s Ranger 2 detect more than 99.8% of all critical defects.

Ranger 2 is now able to inspect pharmaceutical mini-ware. With this evolution the system can fulfill all customer requirements to container sizes and shapes.


Container shapes, which differ from the standard round container, are one of the most common tasks in the glass container inspection industry. Heye masters this “non-rounds” with the known excellence.

The range of inspectable container sizes and shapes is above the average, inspection is possible with almost all imaginable shapes, no matter if they are angular, oval or simply round.

With this huge range of testable container sizes and forms, the SmartLine 2 matches the market approach to be a real universal check inspection machine.

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