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25.09.2017 11:27 Age: 7 yrs
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Heye innovations benefit Taiwan Glass

The Heye Press Duration Control and the NNPB process ensure are reproducible wall thickness

Increasingly, Asia’s glass container producers are turning to Heye International for innovative and reliable solutions for their production lines. Among the company’s high profile customers is the Hsinchu factory of Taiwan Glass.

As leading supplier of production technology to glass container manufacturers throughout the world, Heye International GmbH has assisted Taiwan Glass with its conversion of four more production lines to Heye technology and the installation of a new Heye IS machine, featuring the company’s latest developments in Narrow Neck Press and Blow (NNPB) production.

Established in 1994, family-owned Taiwan Glass is Taiwan’s leading glass producer, with diversified business interests associated with the manufacture of glass packaging, flat glass, solar glass and glassfibre. A technical assistance agreement was signed with Heye International in 1983 and subsequently, the company has pioneered the NNPB process in Taiwan and the region. In total, 11 Heye production lines are now operated at the Hsinchu glassworks, a positive relationship having developed between the experts of both companies over the past two decades.


With a high proportion of output destined for export, Taiwan Glass manufactures an extensive series of products, including very small items and with frequent job changes. The factory operates a wide range of Heye production machines, including all of the German company’s latest innovations. This includes Heye’s Press Duration Control to minimize hot end defects, to provide reproducible wall thicknesses and to ensure high quality production.