How Industry 4.0 can improve container glassmaking

    Interview with M. Ziegler, Marketing Manager at Heye International

    Glass International, February 2018


    Heye offers a full concept from engineering to advanced technology to service and partnership in production optimising.


    The company’s technologic solution set contains three columns, Smart Data (like PlantPilot, Tracking & Tracing or unique container coding by data matrix), Smart Machine Controls (like advance HMI, E-Timers or Smart Motion with multi weight production or swabbing robot) and finally Smart Process Controls (a large set of closed-loop process control solutions for gob weight, wall thickness, ware spacing and cooling control). Benefits of the digital concept are cost reduction, less energy consumption and bottle weight. Work safety will increase and production will become more flexible.


    Heye has a special team which analyses the challenges and improvement potential of every single production step, in the same time looking for new technological solutions. The advantage of Heye is that they are true glass people with experience in glass making, not just a machine manufacturer. So it can combine glass expertise with high-end engineering.


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