The Gob Master cosists of two high speed cameras, a control unit, a water chiller and a monitor.


    Camera-based weight control provides precise gob management

    Heye Process Control now integrates the benefits of visual gob measurement


    Glass Worldwide, Nov./Dec. 2019 - click here to read the entire article



    Plunger cylinder sensor technology is a well-proven function of the Heye Process Control system, supervising and adjusting press-blow and NNPB production processes. Until now, however, these benefits have not been possible for glass container production via blow-blow operation. The new Heye Gob Master system closes this gap, ensuring that sophisticated process control integrates the benefits of visual gob measurement.


    Heye Process Control 4.0 is a closed-loop solution for the pressing process of all plunger mechanisms within an IS machine. Simultaneously, it keeps the gob weight stable. The technology displays a number of forming events on several selectable charts and permits the improvement of parameter setting by comparing data.


    Early recognition at the start of malfunctions increases production efficiency. The integrated plunger cylinders ensure certain gob parameters for press-blow and NNPB production. For heavy and premium articles produced using blow-blow operation, however, this technology cannot be utilised. Consequently, glass container manufacturers have increasingly requested access to gob supervisory and adjustment technology for blow-blow production as well. The Heye Gob Master satisfies this requirement.