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01.04.2015 12:12 Age: 9 yrs
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Heye builds on Cold End inspection strength

Wall thickness

Camera bore gauge

Dimension and ovality

Unfilled finish

Overpressed finish

Heye Plant Pilot

The modernisation of existing cold end inspection machines represents an increasingly important activity for glass container production technology specialist, Heye International GmbH. As well as offering the advanced <link internal-link>HiSHIELD SmartLine series with new non-contact inspection modules and the powerful PlantPilot hot and cold end information system, the company provides a valuable upgrade service for used carousel and other inspection devices.

The work undertaken includes the exchange of mechanical parts and the replacement of existing electrical and electronic components with the latest control and servo technology. As well as ensuring the equipment’s compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and ISO 22000 food safety requirements, the Heye upgrade service includes the addition of new inspection modules like wall thickness measurement or alphanumeric reader. On-site line audits are also provided, conducted by cold end experts with comprehensive experience either as glass plant managers or supervisors.

The integration of the latest technology, combined with robust electrics and an electronic control system are key features of the HiSHIELD SmartLine series of inspection and sorting machines. Featuring a graphic interface with touchscreen and servo drive technology and capable of operating at machine speeds of up to 400 BPM, up to six inspection stations are available in a SmartLine equipment configuration. Depending on customer requirements, various glass container attributes can be checked, including:


  • Planity (flatness) and tightness
  • Finish diameters
  • Container height
  • Finish and shoulder checks
  • Bottom and heel checks
  • Body checks
  • Cromatic confocal wall thickness inspection (non-contact)
  • Finish surface defects (LOF – line over finish)
  • Ovality (out-of-round)
  • Mould number reading (dot and alphanumeric)
  • Dark check inspection.

Also available from the production technology specialist is the <link internal-link>Heye PlantPilot information system, a powerful tool that collects valuable data from the hot and cold ends of a production line and assists glassmakers to optimise decisive cost and performance factors. All relevant production information is matched together in real-time and as a result, the system gives a complete overview of production performance. This advanced technology helps group directors, plant managers, department managers and operators keep their eyes on maximum plant efficiency.