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NNPB: Less weight - less energy - less environmental impact

Example for weight reduction (beer)

NNPB process on blank side

Thin an equal wall thickness with NNPB

<link file:6353 download>Kanch Jan./March 2015 Success Factors of NNPB The results of many studies survey show us: Rising energy costs remain a key issue in the container glass industry. At the same time, environmental aspects become more and more important. This is why the NNPB technology (Narrow Neck Press & Blow) is still on a growth path.  Heye examines the critical success factors of this production technology. NNPB allows thinner and more equal wall thicknesses. Weight is reduced and in consequence energy- and raw material consumption as well. But NNPB has higher requirements to the glass quality, machine settings and the moulds. Monitoring and control of the production process is fundamental. The Heye Process Control, avoiding overpressed or unfilled finishes, is a key element. The Automatic Press Duration Control, allowing a constant wall thickness, is an important extension. NNPB expertise of Heye Glass People Obvious that modern NNPB production is more than just purchasing machinery. The larger portion is determined by expertise in procedures and the way how all the steps fit together. Only if all involved areas of the NNPB-Process are trained and successfully implemented, a pay back of all the investment is realised. Where is the advantage to invest money in new moulds and a new IS-Machine prepared for NNPB without well educated mould maintenance people who are damaging the new mould set by not knowing that there are new requirements to their work? Also for the maintenance of the variables it can be necessary to train the employees in the new quality standard for their work to be able to receive the required quality at the best possible speed from the machine. In consequence, Heye offers to its customers special NNPB knowledge-packages within the Technical Assistance Agreements (TAA). The NNPB modules contain:
  • Training of operators in the NNPB-Process
  • Machine settings
  • Gob forming
  • Correction of container defects
  • Mould design and mould workshop     
  • Maintenance of variables
It is important that the production specialists from the supplier are glassmakers, speaking the same language as the glassmakers in the glass plants. Trust and expertise are the basis of all.