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19.02.2015 11:10 Age: 9 yrs
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New non-contact inspection modules improve job-change times

Camera bore gauge

Dimension and ovality

Overpressed finish

Unfilled finish

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Quality is increasingly important, with producers of consumer goods caring about the quality and consistency of their brands on a global level. Product safety and purity are major issues.  At the same time, plant directors are forced to increase production speeds and output KPIs.


With Heye International’s <link internal-link>camera unfilled finish inspection module on the <link internal-link>SmartLine inspection machine, it is possible to inspect bottles for incomplete and unfilled finishes, as well as overpressed inner edges. In addition, bottles with other sealing surface defects like chipped finishes, dirty finishes or similar criteria can be detected. The equipment’s principal characteristics comprise the following:


  • Bright-field inspection: The inspection zones are displayed as a bright area and finish defects appear as dark objects.
  • During inspection, the finish is illuminated from above by several light sources.
  • A high resolution CCD camera records images of the finish.
  • A computer supported image processing system, with software specially designed for this application, evaluates the images recorded by the camera.
  • A variety of freely definable inspection zones allows an ideal adaption to the finish type.
  • Categorisation of the defects according to size, position and shape.
  • By three different kinds of illumination, the system can be adapted optimally to the respective finish type.
Inspectable defects are incomplete finish, unfilled finish, overpressed inner edges, chipped finish, dirty finish or damaged sealing surface. CAMERA BORE GAUGE With the <link internal-link>camera bore gauge inspection module on the SmartLine, it is possible to inspect the inner finish diameter for minimum and maximum bore and filling tube diameter.
  • High intensity LED illumination underneath the bottle illuminates the bore.
  • Above the finish, there is a high resolution camera with telecentric lenses installed to photograph the finish.
  • The software algorithm calculates the centre of the finish and together with an edge detection algorithm, calculates the bore diameter.
  • The special Fill Tube function checks whether the fill tube diameter has passed through the centre of the finish.
  • The special spike detection function detects spikes inside the inspection area.

Inspectable defects are maximum bore diameter, minimum bore diameter, filling tube diameter and spikes. DIAMETER AND OVALITY

With the <link internal-link>non-contact diameter and ovality inspection module on the SmartLine, it is possible to inspect round bottles for minimum and maximum diameter and ovality at up to three levels. In operation, two sensors per inspection level on both sides of the container scan the sidewall of the spinning container. The sidewall of the container part-hides the sensor area. Thus, the value of the sensor signal is related to the hidden area of the sensor. According to these signals, the dedicated software algorithm determines the container diameter and calculates the ovality continuously while the container rotates. This allows 360° inspection.

Inspectable defects include maximum and minimum container diameter and ovality of the container (out-of-round).