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27.06.2014 10:13 Age: 10 yrs
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HiSPEED Project in Thailand delivered

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Less than two years ago, our colleagues have met the people from L. Lighting Glass at Glasstec 2012 to discuss a project. Often, it takes ages before it really starts-off. Not this time. Already in January, two 12 section triple-gob IS-machines went under production for an amber furnace. In May, another 12 section triple-gob machine was added in flint, all in NNPB of course.

Remarkable to point out: "We did not have any container glass experience", says Khun Yanattha and Khun Lerdchai from Lighting Glass. So what was the reason for the success? It was the decision of Lighting Glass to book the full training and assistance package from Heye. From top-management to warehouse-staff, everybody was trained by the Heye Glass People. Most important: The team-spirit in the common project groups. We express our thanks to Lighting Glass for this exceptional co-operation!