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03.06.2014 10:47 Age: 10 yrs
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Ware handling for best results

Pusher Type 2158

High results in production require good forming techniques, as well as a modern ware handling system to meet increasing speed and precision demands. Ware handling itself begins with the pusher system, which transports containers from the dead plate to conveyor belt.



The transport of hot containers benefits significantly from an improved motion profile when implementing Heye International’s <link internal-link>high speed pusher type 2158. The optimised motion profile results in a parallel pusher movement to the conveyor belt. 

This recent pusher innovation, replacing the former 2155 version, combines high speed with long lifetime and less parts. Many parts are also used in the two axis 2157 series for standard applications. The servo direct drives in particular reduce maintenance requirements. For large plants with many production lines, the modular design renders a quick conversion from right-hand to left-hand operation.

In short, this high speed pusher design provides reduced service requirements, minimum wear, long lifetimes, quick article changeovers through easy profile settings and the fast exchange of pusher fingers. <link file:2386 download>More...