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01.01.2014 12:38 Age: 11 yrs
Category: Press Review

Production under control

When assessing glass plant efficiency, it is helpful for the plant manager to know what troubles exist and why, precisely where production is being lost and which defects are produced. The <link internal-link>HiShield Plant Management System is a designated software solution that helps to centralise, structure and display all of this information. Data from sheer cut to palletiser will be used to obtain a complete overview of production. The operator can comment on each event in the system and the next shift can see what happened and why in the shift before.

Events from the last 24 hours are displayed by a line sheet. This includes defects that have occurred, works/adjustments carried out, as well as the efficiency split realised at the hot and cold end. Inspection equipment is displayed on a separate page. A summary of detected defects, sorted by value, defect type or most detected gives users a helpful hand to check current production status. All data is linked to the mould cavity number, which allows the operator at the hot end to react quickly and in a target-oriented manner.

It is possible to trace the success of improvements made via long-term trend charts. They help to determine the stability of production and to work against negative trends before poor efficiencies are reached. <link file:740 download>More...