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17.05.2022 10:29 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Company News, Press Review

Electric mobility at Heye International

On the road with the new company vehicle: S. Buddensieck (left) and K. Blume (right)

Conserving resources and avoiding emissions: For a future towards increased sustainability, Heye International also focuses on e-mobility. An electrically powered VW e-Up has been part of the fleet since April, replacing a corresponding vehicle with a combustion engine. The car is mainly used for appointments throughout the city area, transporting smaller loads and postal mail between the Heye locations. A charging facility has been specially set up so that the vehicle can be charged directly on the company premises.

"The range of 120 km is completely sufficient for our daily trips. Overnight the car is recharged again," says CEO Hans-Peter Müller.