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16.07.2021 11:41 Age: 3 yrs
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Ware Handling for best results

In modern glass container manufacture, high production results require good forming techniques. There is also a need for a modern ware handling system to meet increasing speed and precision demands. Heye International provides advanced ware handling solutions to maximise results.

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In addition to the assemblies that are assigned to ware handling at first glance, such as pushers, ware transfer and lehr loaders, other components play a role that have a significant influence on the quality of transport. This starts with a modern servo takeout mechanism that positions the containers calmly and precisely above the dead plate. A prerequisite for high pusher speeds is that the containers are standing properly and consistently tempered on the dead plate. This is guaranteed by a unique dead plate cooling control, which keeps the amount of cooling air and the time interval on a constant and optimal level. Exactly constant belt speeds for both the machine belt and the cross belt are ensured by the modern Simotion® drive system, in order to be able to achieve synchronization between the other components.






® = Simotion is a registered trademark of Siemens