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28.04.2020 09:37 Age: 4 yrs
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Malaysia’s Jg Containers benefits from Heye production expertise

The great Jg and Heye team - picture taken before Corona crisis!

8-section, DG 5'' IS machine

Advanced hot and cold end technologies from Germany’s Heye International are helping Jg Containers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd to maximise glass container production yields at the customer’s Klang glassworks in Selangor.

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Located close to Kuala Lumpur, Jg Containers has been making clear glass bottles and jars for soft drinks, liquors, foods and pharmaceuticals since 1972.
Over the years, Jg Containers has regularly modernised its manufacturing operations, adopting proven industry developments in furnace, forming, inspection and packaging technologies, while employing advanced digital methods to improve its products and customer service.


The glassmaker’s latest investment calls on the established production expertise of Germany’s Heye International. This includes the installation of an 8-section, double gob 5in IS machine that has been specially adapted to accommodate the customer’s existing variables. The Heye IS machine is fully prepared for NNPB process and is equipped with latest Heye technology such as rotor mechanism for constant glass homogeneity, dual motor shears and high-speed delivery system. At the cold end, Heye has delivered its Wenspect ® quality control inspection solution - a combination of Heye SmartLine check detection system, Heye multipoint wall thickness measurement and Iris Evolution sidewall inspection. Since completing this installation, the customer has recorded 93% glass pack efficiencies.

Finally, the Heye team would like to thank Jg Top Management Mr. Sanjeev Chadha and Mr. Anwardeen for this opportunity and trust in Heye as a reliable partner.