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20.04.2020 12:25 Age: 4 yrs
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New Heye starwheel inspection machine benefits Stoelzle

Stoelzle Oberglas in Köflach, Austria, is successfully operating the latest glass container technology from Heye International for more than one year: the SmartLine 2 starwheel inspection machine proved to combine speed, reliability and flexibility to deliver accurate results.

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“Knowing that the SmartLine 2 was brand new, we trusted in the competence of Heye. Our long-term and proven partnership finally led us to go for this new generation of inspection machine,” said Gerd Müller, Cold End Manager at Stoelzle. “And we have not been disappointed. The stable software and the modern, future-orientated user interface simplify our daily work tremendously.”

Depending on the customer’s requirements, various container characteristics can be checked:

  •  Tightness
  •  Finish diameters
  •  Container height
  •  Finish and shoulder checks
  •  Bottom and heel checks
  •  Body checks
  •  Wall thickness inspection (non-contact)
  •  Defects on the finish surface (LOF – line over finish)
  •  Out-of-round, body diameter
  •  Mould number reading (dot code and alphanumeric)
  •  Dark check inspection

The latest non-contact inspection features are integrated, as well as a self-learning system for camera-based check detection by Ranger 2.