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01.04.2019 11:29 Age: 5 yrs
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Delivering the benefits of comprehensive concept solutions

The development of increasingly large machines with higher production speeds requires careful consideration to be given to other production elements at the hot end of the glass container manufacturing process. Heye International’s hot end development activities are aimed not only at high performance machinery but at the introduction of sophisticated concepts, as the company strives to offer customers a comprehensive overall solution, without weaknesses.

When a customer asked for Heye’s assistance to produce one million long neck beer bottles per day on a 20 section TG tandem machine, significant demands were placed on the IS machine with regard to reliability and short downtimes. In addition, the project placed high demands on the ware handling equipment between the IS machine and annealing lehr. Heye met these transport challenges with a combination of adjustable dead plate cooling, modern servo pushers with up to three axes, a high performance ware transfer and an efficient and stable three-axis servo lehr loader. With these co-ordinated components, the Heye team was able to successfully fulfill the customer’s requirements.

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