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07.03.2019 11:19 Age: 5 yrs
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Manufacturer's benefit of Multi Weight production

Assortment production masters ever increasing demands.

The production of a small quantity of different products has always been an issue for the container glass industry. The IS machine had to be completely stopped and reconfigured. In addition, the whole production run had to be turned over to the other article and more moulds than necessary had to be purchased for these low-volume items. Downtime was very costly and production efficiency suffered greatly. Today, gobs of different weights can efficiently be produced on the same IS machine simultaneously.

Since the development and the successful market launch of the Heye Multi Weight solution in 2008 (also called “assortment production”), the market demands have continued to increase. Heye successfully met the customers’ requirements by continuously developing this product. The multi weight solution masters a variety of scenarios applied by container manufacturers and makes production much more efficient than it was possible prior to the introduction of this technique.

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