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26.11.2018 12:35 Age: 6 yrs
Category: Company News, Press Review, Hot End

One million bottles a day – on one IS line

One million bottles per day on one IS line. This benchmark has become reality recently on a beer-line with high-speed ware handling from Heye. Often underestimated, fast and smooth ware handling is a decisive factor to reach high speeds and high Pack-To-Melt (PTM) ratios. In this case, the belt-speed of the 20 sections tandem machine reaches 72 m/min.

The advanced handling equipment from Heye International combines precision with latest closed-loop functions for dead plate cooling control, ware spacing and a unique automatic ware transfer synchronization. It becomes the ultimate solution for high speed in container glass production.

In addition to closed loop solutions for the blow side, Heye has launched a couple of new products for the blank side. Closed loops for cooling and press duration/glass distribution are available. The swabbing robot eliminates one of the most important manual working steps, at the same time being the basis for precise, infrared-based temperature measurement on the blank side. The Heye robot is able to swab on-the-fly even at high cavity rates.