Retrofitted machine


    Keep pace, save money: Retrofit option for inspection machines


    Obsolete inspection equipment can be upgraded to the latest certification and safety levels without the need for new acquisitions. The retrofitting of existing machines is often a good alternative to buying new kit. Heye International offers several retrofit packages to match customer needs.


    Glass Worldwide Jan./Febr. 2020 - click here for the entire article


    Safety is a paramount concern for everyone. And when it comes to end users consuming food and beverages from glass containers, the requirement for maximum safety is mandatory. Without question! In times of growing awareness for sustainable materials, glass is becoming increasingly popular. To meet consumer expectations, ultimately glass packaging has to maintain its reputation for being environmentally-friendly and ‘safe’. Furthermore, safety and quality are what glass manufacturers demand from their inspection lines at the cold end. Reliable inspection machines and technologies deliver the standard in many glass plants.



    To maintain or upgrade standards, the modernisation of inspection equipment is necessary from time to time. However, the retrofitting of existing equipment represents an economic alternative to buying a new machine. Existing inspection modules and tooling can often be used further, while the machine control unit is replaced by the latest control system, combining unbeatable reliability with ease of use.


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