Heye moves ahead with inspection solutions for Smart Plants

    Self-learning systems are one of the cornerstones of Industry 4.0. The Ranger 2 camera check detection proves to be the best solution in the market. Heye’s clear and innovative product strategy, integrating latest camera solutions, remains unchanged. The unique Intelligent Cloud Masking System of the Ranger 2 creates an individual cover area for non-critical reflections, avoiding influences from reference containers while keeping the mask as small as possible. The self-learning Heye system does not require manually selecting/inspecting hundreds of check-free reference containers in order to adjust the system. Ranger 2 is scalable for horizontal, vertical, shoulder or bottom checks. It is fully available in every country without any legal restriction.

    Apart from advanced camera and non-contact solutions, smart data is the key. The Heye PlantPilot collects and aggregates production data in the plant. The borders between Hot End and Cold End will disappear, information is shared on the spot. Tracking and tracing as well as the possibility of creating user-specific analysis are additional components, allowing continuous improvement processes to increase productivity.