Project Management


Plant Modernisation:
Short Downtime - High Efficiency

The modernisation of an existing glass plant is an organisational masterstroke. The goal is a modern, high efficient production, with minimal production downtime during the realisation. Heye International is synonymous with quality and innovation in planning, realisation and construction of glass plants.

Shipment of IS-Machine
  • Shipment of IS-Machine
  • installation
  • installation
  • Expertise in Installation and Commissioning


Our experience of every conceivable type of container glass project, gained from projects all over the world. We call this knowledge  HiTRUST and through this initiative we can manage any and every aspect of your project.
All our competences are brought together in the  HiTRUST process chain. The global in-house competence from Heye International and our long-standing know-how, covering all project stages and processes with our large pool of experts in each field of knowledge.

Expertise in Installation and Commissioning

The Heye International service department is prepared to take care for the installation of the Heye International equipment and the corresponding surroundings. This can be done with local contractors under the supervision of Heye International experts or as our approved turn-key installation.
The experienced production specialists from Heye International will train the machine operators in their daily work, maintenance, troubleshooting and will start the production.
If required, Heye International is able to provide a performance test for equipment or a defined production area.
Depending on the scope of the project Heye International will provide a site manager who will support the customer in the coordination of the works to finalize the project in time and quality.

Structured Project Management

Each project has his own professional, highly experienced project manager, who leads every step and is the consultant for the customer. Therefore Heye International developed its own Project Management Handbook, called PM@Heye, which is based on the international PMI rules. With PM@Heye both project partners have a structured project programm with:

The Heye International project managers will give continuous progress reports and are responsible for making sure the project is finalized up to quality standard, on budget and on time.

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