Hot End Engineering

Hot End Engineering:
High Efficiency - Safety in Production

The installation of a new IS-Machine is a huge investment. To minimize the production downtime, the installation has to be well prepared. With the Heye international Hot End Engineering Hot End installation parts can be pre-fabricated and the interfaces will be defined. The result is an efficient production based on the proofed ergonomic design, the protection of your machine operators and Hot End equipment.


Heye International is synonymous with quality and innovation in every conceivable type of container glass production, gained from many projects all over the world. We call this knowledge HiTRUST and through this initiative, in close partnership with you, we can manage any and every aspect for an efficient and safe production.

Know How to protect Operators and Equipment

Working with hot glass is always difficult and keeps a certain risk.
Therefore Heye International takes special attention on discharging of the hot glass into the scraper. Also the protection of equipment, e.g. protection of cables, against the hot glass is important. A breakdown of the production based on a burned cable will be more expensive than a careful cable routing and protection from the beginning on.
But there is not only the hot glass which has a risk to the equipment and the operators. Also the water which is always around the IS-Machine to cool the glass and guide it into the scraper has the potential to breakdown the production by penetrating into electronic components.
Furthermore, the CE-Certification of the Hot End becomes more and more important. Heye supports here also with basic information like:

The Heye International Hot End engineering considers all these aspects in the design for the Hot End and protects your operators and your equipment.

Expert Knowledge for installation

The Heye International Hot End Engineering helps to protect your equipment, your operators and gives the framework for an efficient production.

But this is not all, also for the installation of new IS-Machines or the modernisation of the whole Hot End area, the Heye International Hot End engineering brings a great benefit.
Based on a clear definition of the interfaces between the equipment and the suppliers, the scope of work can be scheduled precisely for all equipment suppliers and installation contractors. In the detail planning we give a clear definition of the cable lengths, based on the positions of the control cabinets and cable tracks.
The design of the pipe routing allows to pre-fabricate parts, scheduling the work and avoids collisions. A detailed planning of the machine transport to their location permits an exact planning and organisation and saves time.

All this together reduces the downtime of the production for the modernisation
of the Hot End area and ends with an efficient and safe production.

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