SmartLine 2 Inspection and Sorting Machine

The HiSHIELD SmartLine 2 has been developed as an inspection and sorting machine for the hollow glass production industry. The ongoing integration of the newest technology combined with robust electrics and an electronic control system are characteristic of the SmartLine. Additional features include a graphic interface with touchscreen, servo drive technology and machine speed of up to 400 items per minute.

SmartLine 2
  • SmartLine 2
  • SmartLine2 at Glasstec 2018
  • SmartLine2 - next generation of starwheel inspection
  • SmartLine - with latest non-contact inspection solutions
  • Heye Expertise in inspection of non-round containers
  • HiSHIELD SmartLine
  • Container glass check detection: Ranger 2
  • SmartLine Match
  • SmartLine Speed
  • Non-round container inspection
  • Small container inspection
  • High speed inspection
  • HiSHIELD SmartLine
  • Configuration page
  • Latest inspection results as value table
  • Latest inspection results displayed as graph
  • Multipoint Thickness Sensor
  • MTS10
  • MTS10
  • MTS10
  • MTS10

Flexible Inspection Options

The SmartLine can be configured in different ways. Up to six in-spection stations are available. Depending on the customer’s requirements, various attributes of container can be inspected:



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