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Modular Valve Block

For top speed in production and easy maintenance

Time is a top priority in modern production processes. In hollow glass production, the performance of the entire system is determined by the speed of the individual mechanisms within the IS-Machine. Any acceleration in working speed increases the yield accordingly. Every minute the production line is down due to maintenance or repair decreases the productivity of the machine and incurs costs.

Through the high performance of the new Heye Modular Valve Block, the speed of the system can be increased, downtime reduced and production optimised.

Heye Valve Block
  • Heye Valve Block
  • Heye Safety Snap
  • Heye Valve Block


Enlarged cross sections allow a consistently high flow volume and high working speed.



The Heye International modular valve block uses cartridge carriers equipped with two switch cartridges. They are completely pre-assembled, can be stored on-site and are easily accessible and exchangeable, therefore reducing cartridge exchange time from around 30 minutes to only about 4 minutes.

These shortened downtimes reduce costs and increase productivity. The new modular valve block can be fitted universally and is compatible with many standard IS-Machines. A retrofit of existing production lines is possible at any time and can improve the performance of an existing system enormously.

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