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Intelligent Central Lubrication

The distribution and quantity of lubrication points in an IS-Machine necessitate the use of a central lubrication system. When this technology was developed, the main priority was sufficient lubrication. At that time, lubricant consumption and system monitoring were not a priority. A reliable level of lubrication was certainly achieved, but the lubricant was not used optimally and faults were difficult to diagnose.


With its patented multi-zone system, Heye is setting new standards in efficiency, stability and usability for your system.

Linkage in Oil
  • Linkage in Oil
  • injector block
  • Oil for lubrication


The multi-zone system allocates injectors that operate under similar thermal conditions to temperature circuits. For the first time ever, the patented temperature-guided lubrication interval control allows temperature deviations at the lubrication point and the quality of the lubricant to be taken into account. Sensors in the temperature circuits, each positioned at the hottest lubrication point, regularly transmit signals that are used as input parameters to control the lubrication intervals. Lubricants used in IS-Machines are characterised by a very low loss of volume from evaporation. Using the evaporation characteristics of the lubricant, as determined in laboratory tests, the times between lubrication cycles can be calculated for each temperature circuit.


Environmental effects:

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