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Blank and Blow Mould Axial Cooling

  • Blow Mould Axial Cooling (360°)
  • Optimised flow paths
  • Optimised flow paths
  • Optimised flow paths
  • Blank Mould Axial Cooling

Blank Mould Axial Cooling

The Blank Mould Axial Cooling is available for 5“ DG, 6 ¼“ DG and 4 ¼“ TG. The system is designed to cool the blank moulds axially and to cool the neck rings radially with fan air in IS-Machines. The blank moulds are located in opened position above the cooling slots and are supplied with cooling air by anintermittent valve. The neck ring is cooled radially by a separate channel in closed mould position. The adaption of the different mould lengths is compensated by the height adjustment of the cooling piece, whereat the neck ring cooling is automatically adjusted, too.

FULL CYCLE Blow Mould Axial Cooling

The Blow Mould Axial Cooling (360° cooling) cools the moulds continuously over the entire process cycle (full cycle). Thus, compared to other cooling systems, a much better cooling performance can be achieved. The cooling is carried out more uniform whereby the stability and quality of the glass containers being produced is influenced positively. Also the production speed can be increased.

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