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Servo Plunger

The Heye Servo Plunger is characterised by a carriage moving up- and downwards by a servo motor via a spindle. The upper and lower end position of the carriage is limited by rigid limit stops. The carriage transfers the stroke movement without any bending- and transverse force onto the plunger tube.

To control the servo motor the Heye Simotion® Servodrive is used. Also please see product description “Heye Simotion® Servodrive”.

  • Heye Servo Plunger
  • Heye Servo Plunger


To compensate the gravity forces, a pneumatic cylinder takes effect to the
carriage. Stroke alterations through the whole stroke range of 170 mm do not require
any changes at mechanisms. The console is prepared to flange-mount the tube-mechanism. The plunger base adjustment is carried out by a crank-handle as usual.


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