Heye Rotating Tube

The Heye Rotating Tube can be mounted at various feeder types.

The mechanical design of the tube mechanism provides for high running smoothness and exact alignment of the tube above the center of the gob. For NNPB applications the electronic height adjustment is controlled via the Heye Process Control.


To control the servo motor the Heye Simotion® Servodrive is used. Also please see product description “Heye Simotion® Servodrive”.

Rotating Tube
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The Rotating Tube is driven by a servo Motor (Simotion® concept). The generated movement is deflected at the bevel wheel by 90° (from horizontal to radial) so that the sprocket executes a rotating movement. The adaption of the Rotating Tube to the production conditions is also carried out by Simotion® and by a local control box.

For NNPB applications the height adjustment of the Rotating Tube is driven by a stepper motor. The movement generated by the stepper motor is deflected by 90° at the bevel gearing on a threaded spindle drive. The movement of the stepper motor is controlled via the Heye Process Control. The design of the components depends on the Heye Process Control version used.

When maintaining or repairing the feeder - for instance when exchanging the spout - the tube mechanism can be swivelled out by 90 degrees after demounting the tube.


  • Uniform rotation of the tube in the glass
  • Stable double guide of the height adjustment (counter bearing not required anymore)
  • Precise, low-backlash threaded spindle drive
  • Electronic height adjustment
  • Swivel-mounted tube mechanism
  • Exact alignment of the tube via cross slide
  • Complete housing of the mechanics
  • New, temperature resistent and smooth running graphite ring as pivot bearing for the tube

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