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Precise Gob Management for BB operation

Plunger cylinder sensor technology is a well-proven function of the Heye Process Control, supervising and adjusting PB and NNPB production processes. The camera-based weight control of the Heye GobMaster now closes the gap for processes operating in BB.

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The camera-based system offers the possibility to determine and control the gob weight and favourably exploits the additionally generated data for all production processes. Two cameras placed underneath the shears act as sensors, generating 3D gob images. The software logic determines geometric data of these digital 3D models, such as length, diameter, position and tilt angle. This data ultimately calculates the gob volume and weight.

In real-time, the cameras monitor the gob shape and where malfunctions or deviations are identified, the system immediately reacts and the Heye Process Control directly initiates rejection of the article at the hot end. Consequently, Heye stepper motors automatically correct these deviations by mechanically adjusting tube height and plunger position.



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