Optimal offsite support by Heye’s remote service portfolio

Having offsite access to client’s production devices is extremely useful, especially when quick response is vital as production is down or support in an event of emergency becomes inevitable. Similarly, offsite expert support is...[more]

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Retirement of Dirk Pörtner, Managing Director of Heye International

As a progressive company, Heye-International is always looking ahead and not backwards. However, special events give us an opportunity to look back on mutual successes with joy, pride and gratitude. The retirement of Heye...[more]

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New Support for Global Heye Team

We are Glass People Heye welcomes the French company Cadres en Mission as new sales agent in its Glass People community. As representative to the market Mrs. Mélanie Basset will manage all Heye PlantPilot and Quality Control...[more]

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CO-Retrofit: Now we're doing it colourful!

The CO starwheel machine is very popular still today and it can be easily upgraded to the latest certification and safety levels without the need for new acquisitions. Heye International‘s cold end specialists offer several...[more]

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Benefits of structured Project Management

Keeping the overview is essential for every project. Many tasks are complex and need specialist knowledge and expertise. Sophisticated project management leads to specified and structured procedures during entire project period,...[more]

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Inspection takes a starring role

Where special becomes normal - the SmartLine 2nd generation starwheel inspection successfully combines speed, reliability and flexibility to deliver accurate results. Special operations like mini-ware and non-round containers are...[more]

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