Heye Symposium 2017: Digitalization and new motivation concepts to achieve operational excellence

    This year’s Heye Symposium for international glass container industry customers will address a series of key challenges based on the theme ‘BSMART. MOTIVATE. OPERATE’.


    Representing a valuable opportunity to learn from a panel of international experts and exchange ideas, while also networking with fellow glassmaking professionals from around the world, this meeting  takes place in Hamburg, Germany on 19-21 June 2017. The symposium will explore, for example, the digital progress realised by other manufacturing industries, with the chance to discuss existing and future possibilities for implementation in glass container production with leading authorities on the subject.



    ‘Being Smart’ is the ability to adapt to a constantly changing world, with sometimes unforeseen developments emerging. In addition, there is the important evolution of digitalization to address. Communication structures change, as do factories, with Internet of Things or AI (Artificial Intelligence) at the centre of discussion. Heye Symposium 2017 delegates will learn about the latest developments, including the following presentations:

    • ‘Digital transformation – Challenges and chances’ (Ernst Raue, formerly Head of CeBIT and a leading IoT Expert).
    • ‘Digitalization in the traditional steel industry’ (Dr Michael Kranz, CIO ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe).
    • ‘Investment decisions in times of uncertainty’ (Erik Nielsen, Head of Economics, UniCredit).



    ‘Motivation‘ represents a second important element of this year’s Heye Symposium. What trends are evident within customers’ operations, what motivates people in the digital age and how can the best employees be identified and retained? Key presentations in this session include:

    • ‘Growth rates and global glass container industry trends’ (Euromonitor Senior Analyst).
    • ‘Friends of Glass – Latest news on FEVE’s European consumer campaigns’ (Michael Delle Selve, Head of Communication at FEVE).
    • ‘The digital age – Challenges to corporate culture and employee training’ (Dr Cassandra Riedl, Leadership Expert).
    • ‘How we innovate at Ardagh’ (Barbara Macialczyk, Marketing Manager Glass Europe, Ardagh Group)



    The evolution of perfect operational procedures is essential for Heye International, developing the skills to lead glass container plants to the highest levels of productivity. So how can the latest motivational and organizational concepts be combined with new technologies, what is possible today and what can be expected in the future? Confirmed presentations include:

    • ‘Concepts for managing operational excellence at Ardagh’ (a speaker from Ardagh Glass Europe).
    • ‘Solutions for the Smart Plant’ (Heye Product and Production Experts).
    • Discussion on the glass plant of the future (all participants).



    In addition to providing a professional programme of presentations, sufficient time has been allocated to enjoy individual discussions for the establishment of new contacts and/or the renewal of existing ones. Heye International looks forward to welcoming invited guests to the LeMéridien Hamburg hotel on 19-21 June 2017.