Heye Camera Bore Gauge (CBG)

With the Camera Bore Gauge Inspection on the SmartLine speed, it is possible to inspect the inner finish diameterfor minimum and maximum of the bore and the filling tube diameter.

bottle finishes
  • bottle finishes
  • inspection procedure
  • CBG diameter inspection and spike detection

Function Principle

  • The high intensity LED illumination underneath the bottle illuminates the bore
  • Above the finish there is the high resolution camera with its telecentric lenses installed to take the picture of the finish
  • The software algorithm calculates the center of the finish and, together with an edge detection algorithm, calculates the diameter of the bore
  • The special "Fill Tube" function checks if the fill tube diameter will pass through the center of the finish
  • The special spike detection function detects spikes inside the inspection area

Inspectable Defects

  • Maximum bore diameter
  • Minimum bore diameter
  • Filling tube diameter
  • Spikes


  • Non-contact inspection
  • High resolution CCD-camera
  • Categorisation of defects
  • Various finish types can be inspected
  • Short job change time (on an existing job ~ 5 minutes)
  • Userfriendly touchscreen interface
  • Data connection to the SmartLine

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