"Thinking outside the box"

    Customer statements to Heye Symposium


    Every few years, Heye International invites its clients from all over the world to spend three days at a beautiful location in Germany to offer them the perspectives, information and support necessary to seize opportunities for the future. And many took up the offer – 70 international clients got on a plane to take part in this three-day event.                   


    It was already clear to the participants, even before they joined the dinner with the spectacular view, that it was a smart decision to come here. The theme of this year’s symposium summed it up: ‘BSmart. Motivate.Operate.’ – a trio of ideas that simultaneously defined the rhythm and order of the speakers’ contributions, speakers who came from a diverse selection of companies, organizations and disciplines. And that was what it was all about (and it complemented the impressive view from the hotel bar, too): to think outside the box and look beyond the limits of one’s own business sector. After all, the digital world is a connected world. Tunnel vision won’t get you very far.


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